Daughter of the Moon’s “Floral Harvest” Aromatherapy Perfume

My ‘Floral Harvest’ Aromatherapy Perfume refreshes you from the inside out. Imagine yourself in a field of flowers, picking a few for a loved one’s bouquet in the misty morning. This recipe reminds me of my daughter, with her light patches of eczema, she is still stunningly beautiful form her eyes to her spirit & personality. This oil blend helps heal skin as well as supports the spirit. This perfume radiates happiness & light.

Essential oils effect our emotions physically through Energy & Vibration Healing & Aromatherapy reactions. Lavender uplifts the emotions & spirit, & energizes the chakras. Lavender is considered an antidepressant because of its ability to calm & soothe the mind. Lavender relieves fear, invokes acceptance, promotes patience, & has been clinically proven to reduce anger.

This recipe is also excellent for the balancing of women’s hormones, as Clary Sage reduces prostaglandin in the body through its diterpenol molecule & as a result reduces PMS stress, mental conditions, & physical cramps. 

I also blended in Aloe Vera, which helps heal the skin. Lavender, when applied to the skin, empowers the body, promoting new skin growth. 


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