Daughter of the Moon’s “Lavender Sunrise” Aromatherapy Perfume

My ‘Lavender Sunrise’ Aromatherapy Perfume is a warm, healing, oil blend. This is the fragrance I wear for myself. Highly concentrated in lavender, this blend is notably floral. The fragrant sensation of serenity is created with the combination of such warm additions as Balsam & Vanilla. 
Essential oils effect our emotions physically through Energy & Vibration Healing & Aromatherapy reactions. Lavender uplifts the emotions & spirit, & energies the chakras. Lavender relieves fear, invokes acceptance, promotes patience & has been clinically proven to reduce anger. Lavender is also considered a sexual stimulant for men.
Peru Balsam facilitates love & acceptance of our physical bodies & our sexuality. We experience feelings of warmth, tenderness, & sensitivity towards ourselves & others. Opening ourselves spiritually, we feel safe & present in our world.

This recipe is also excellent for skin protection & strengthening as Peru Balsam conditions & soothes rough cracked skin. Lavender, applied to the skin, empowers the body, promoting new skin growth. 


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