Daughter of the Moon’s “Spring Morning” Aromatherapy Perfume

My ‘Spring Morning’ Aromatherapy Perfume smells like purity. Clear & refreshing, this perfume will remind you of a glass of herbal tea. I crafted this recipe with a woman in mind, perhaps a working mother who needs to take her relaxation on the go with her. This recipe will stay with you as that calming envelope, helping you not just ‘get through’ your day but to enjoy every moment of it. 

Quality & well-cared for essential oils effect our emotions physically through Energy & Vibration Healing & Aromatherapy reactions. 

Chamomile Roman facilitates calm & is considered an antidepressant because of its ability to calm & soothe the mind. 

This recipe is also excellent for the balancing of women’s hormones as Clary Sage reduces prostaglandin in the body through its diterpenol molecule & as a result reduces PMS stress, mental stress, & physical cramps.

I also blended in Organic Rosemary, concentrating the recipe with antioxidant power. Wonderfully spiritually & physically, rosemary helps clear the mind of mental fatigue & clarifies our memory.


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