For me, breastfeeding was the perfect moment of love, comfort & accomplishment. No, it wasn’t always easy, but if we’re talking honestly it was easier than most other things I’ve done inmy life because I had my ‘mommy instincts’ to fall back on, biology, my infant who knew what to do & told me when I didn’t, & all the other moms who reached out & helped me & supported me (because that’s what we do).

The Science of Mom

Since becoming a mom, and especially since starting this blog, I have paid particular attention to new breastfeeding research. After all, my training is in nutrition, and breast milk is one of the most interesting foods around. Plus, I’m currently lactating and still breastfeeding my daughter a few times per day, so it’s on my mind.

When I look back at the papers that I have covered and those that I find on other blogs and media outlets, I notice that many focus on how breastfeeding improves outcomes in babies.

But I also notice that when I blog about breastfeeding research, I have to spend a big chunk of the piece talking about the limitations of the study. Breastfeeding research – at least when conducted in humans – will always have big limitations that require disclaiming and explaining. The problem is that it is impossible to randomize breastfeeding trials or…

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  1. I totally agree with you! When I had my first child we had lived away from family and I had grand ideas of breastfeeding even though I was reminded by my doctor and nurses that sometimes it doesn’t work out. I had no issues and I loved and cherished every moment of it. I did have support from my aunt who lived long distance but encouraged me to tough it out during my difficult moments! I feel so blessed to have shared that precious time with all 3 of my children!!

    • I am so grateful that I had so much support, and that even when my daughter only breastfed from my left side the first week of her life (and yes, I did look silly one side ballooned up haha). But, as it turned out it only took a little patience and support of a lactation consultant and my mother (who I’m blessed was alive and well at the time of my daughter’s birth). It’s so nice to hear that you and your family had such a positive experience with breastfeeding as well. And thanks for taking the time to comment, if you’re interested, check out the new site too: I don’t mean to make a shameless plug I’m just so excited about building a website =)

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