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Daughter of the Moon is a small business located in Ridge, New York through which I create all-natural products made mindfully safe for sensitive bodies, children, mothers, & the environment. I use only the highest quality ingredients and techniques to create Daughter of the Moon products.

I am passionate about the products I create and the people who use them.

The business is named after my daughter, Amaris (the meaning of her name being ‘Daughter of the Moon’). I chose this name because of the organic, blessed quality to it.

I started this business when my daughter was about 8 months old, & so the business has grown as she has. I began designing & selling cloth diapers & have branched out into natural-cosmetics, specifically Aromatherapy-grade Perfume oil blends. You can read more about these products on our ‘products’ page & through blog post reviews.

In this blog you will find information and discussion starters on topics regarding the health of ourselves and our environment. Such topics include cloth diapering, parenting, budgeting, breastfeeding, healthy living, Environmental safety, Aromatherapy, Energy & Vibration Healing, essential oils, herbs, safe use advice for infants & pregnant/lactating women, & recipes for family dinners & baby food.

We ship our products throughout the U.S. If you’d like an order form, are interested in a specific product, or would like your own custom crafted bath & body product, I can be contacted by phone: 631-575-6405, email: jes.dotm@ gmail.com (note the space was inserted to ward off spam scanners), twitter: @Daughterotmoon, facebook: “Daughter of the Moon” or by mail: P.O. Box 614 Ridge, N.Y. 11961

Happy reading!

Jes Black, owner of Daughter of the Moon


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, saw this, impressed. Am an artist, writer, but never got down to startn a biz ! Never had the moment. Kudos,


    • Thank you, I appreciate you saying that. And if you want to you, you can, believe me, I have no time in my life but we make time for what we want most. When it’s what you want most the time will find you. As silly as that may sound it’s proven rue for me.
      Good luck with whatever you do,

      • Hey Jes, thank you ! Am a Writer and Artist : work from home, having lived a overdrive life before our kids arrived.. but 😉 wud love a place of my own now… thanq so much for being a inspiration..

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