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Price Reduction: We Save You Save

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A Desire to Help

Cake for Your Thoughts

When did we lose the desire to help?

It seems so natural to my one year old.

Give her a rag and she will wipe everything down for you.
Say “Can you put that in the trash?” and, after a few detours, we put it in the trash and clap about it.

She loves helping with the dishes.

But I think yard work is probably her favorite.

Even older kids ask “Can I help you cook?”, “Can I hold the baby?”, and “CAN I HELP?!”

Maybe we spend so much time saying “No” to the help that we are offered by them that our children learn that their help isn’t valuable or wanted.

No, I’m not going to give her a knife to chop up the veggies quite yet…

But if she gets the broom out….

Why not tell her “Thank you” like I would anyone else?

Why not begin…

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Endocrine Disruptors: A Toxic Result of Plastic pollution

My Brain

The endocrine system is essentially the system through which our glands, lymph nodes, gonads, pancreas, and other hormonal organs operate. The instructions given by our endocrine system through different hormones cause many of the fundamental processes that keep us alive.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can alter the endocrine processes by simulating the chemical structure of a hormone or acting in a similar manner when processed through the body. Endocrine disruptors exist in nature, but the most toxic ones have been synthesized by man.

Understand that a small change in our endocrine system can have devastating long term effects on our emotional and physical health. So, this understood, endocrine disruptors must exist in small quantities in very few highly dangerous industrial conditions, right?

Wrong. The sad truth is that many endocrine disruptors exist in our everyday lives in the form of pesticides, dental sealants, perfumes, soaps, and common disposable plastics…

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