Essential Oils For Kids


“What essential oils are safe for different ages?”

Here is a brief chart for informational purposes only. I am not a physician, I am a mom with years of experience using and preparing essential oils for babies, toddlers, children, and adults. Note that essential oils should never be applied to a baby’s skin unless heavily diluted with water or oil or in a pre-mixed product.

Essential Oils for Babies 24 Hours & Up

Chamomile Roman
Chamomile German

Essential Oils for Babies 2 Months & Up

All of the above, plus:

……6 MONTHS, 1 YEAR, 5 YEARS, & TEENAGERS…click here to read…


Did you know chamomile could do that?

Did you know that chamomile has anti-tumor properties as well as the ability to soothe the redness from irritated skin?

Further benefits include…in aromatherapy applications Chamomile Roman is helpful for issues of nerves, migraine, acne, inflammation, insomnia, menstrual problems, & dermatitis. Useful to counteract anger and to relax us spiritually and physically without causing drowsiness. Mild topical pain-killing benefits. Helpful for irregular periods and the menstruation pains associated. Anti-inflamatory properties help reduce skin redness and soothe irritated skin. It has anti-bacterial, anti-tumor and  antiseptic properties as well.

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Scientifically Spiritual: Benefits of Essential Oils

Fragrance is an integral piece of our molecules of emotion. We smell not just with our brains but with our entire bodies. Scientists can draw the precise chemical structures of most molecules that are in oils and can track their benefits to us spiritually, mentally, & physically.

When applied to the body directly, essential oils are absorbed through the skin. Each essential oil is composed of beneficial molecules which affect us positively, passing through the body in a similar fashion to hormones & neuropeptides (through a natural path in the body).
Within the body the oils find receptor cells to act as catalysts for change within cell metabolism.

The oils are an outside influence on the vital communication network taking place between the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems in the mind-body.

One way essential oils affect us is through our sense of smell through Aromatherapy. Our olfactory receptor cell in our nose is the first receptor site for smelling and healing through Aromatherapy.

Another way essential oils benefit us is through their vibration & its effect on our own vibrations. Many people are skeptical about vibrational healing, such as Reiki, or of the idea that people & living things vibrate energy at all. I must say that I was a skeptic at first as well; however, coming to learn about Einstein’s theories on spirituality was the first piece which opened me to learning about our vibrations & energies. I’ll discuss this in a later post, for now let’s stick to essential oils & their vibrations. Scientists now have (gas chromatographic-mass spectrophotometric analytical documentation of various oils) and documentation from experiments on vibrational energy changes within the body & can see the physical vibrational effects of inhaling or applying essential oils to their body.

Scientists document that receptors on all neurons & immune cells in our body form ion channels & regulate electrical set points, which are then acted upon by the essential oils through this channel, resulting in changes in cell shape & function. Essential oils have been proven to be able to selectively modulate ion channels by dissolving in the fatty membranes (much more gently than most pharmaceutical drugs, & so no liver metabolism is required for essential oils & side-effects are much less while benefits are substantial). For instance, scientists have seen profound change in levels of consciousness (from heightened awareness & excitement to reduced awareness and sleep).

Here is a perfect example: By adding rosa damascena oil to a bath, an emotional conflict can be spiritually resolved & the body can feel calm & serene & can then rest, relieving muscle cramps, the holding of body weight, & other physical affects due to the stress. The use of this oil here affects the electrochemical process within the body, giving it a sense of balance and peace by finding the cellular receptor sites that need harmonizing to bring calm.

Essential oils have the ability to harmonize emotions, raise our spirits, & eliminate microbial infections. The key to utilizing the benefits of our world around us is by respecting it. It’s my belief (shared by most) that we live on this Earth to benefit from it, furthermore that it was well-crafted to fit our needs specifically, & so we must look to it when we are in need if we want a viable solution. Additionally, we live on this Earth to benefit it, that is, we were created not to destroy it but to care for it. As the plants & animals feed & care for us, so we care for them by caring for crops & wildlife & by lending our intelligent expertise to further their care. The oils themselves must be well-cared for, responsibly harvested, packaged carefully, & mixed consciously with other oils which relate on a molecular level to one another. This is the great adventure of perfume-making which I enjoy so much.

Custom Orders

Within this new line of Aromatherapy Perfumes & Colognes I am pleased to have perfected a few recipes. I continue to try new combinations, as I love listening to the ingredients, being led by them, & having those choices supported by my knowledge of the oils’ chemical compositions & their value in Aromatherapy & Energy & Vibration Healing.

I particularly enjoy crafting fragrances for custom orders because when I create the oil I can see the customer. I see their problems, their desires, their preferences, & so design an oil blend which I know will help that particular person, which will cater to them personally & emphasize their individuality. Because I enjoy it so much I offer custom-designed products for NO extra cost.

You can check out a list of Daughter of the Moon Aromatherapy Perfumes & Colognes on the Products Page, Click HERE & you will be linked there directly. Also, you will find in-depth descriptions of established recipes in blog posts below. You can contact me by the comments or through email:, twitter, or facebook.

Daughter of the Moon’s “Last Kiss” Aromatherapy Perfume

Daughter of the Moon’s ‘Last Kiss’ Aromatherapy blend makes a wonderful Perfume or Cologne. Warm & subtly masculine, this is the perfect cold weather scent that both men & women will enjoy. This is a romantic, full-bodied scent with stand-out notes of Peru Balsam & is filled out by the faint dissonance of Vanilla & Rosemary.

Peru Balsam effects our emotions physically through Energy & Vibration Healing & Aromatherapy reactions. It facilitates love & acceptance of our physical bodies & our sexuality. We experience feelings of warmth, tenderness, & sensitivity towards ourselves & others. Opening ourselves spiritually, we feel safe & present in our world. This recipe is also excellent for skin protection & strengthening as Balsam conditions & soothes rough, cracked skin. 

Into this expertly balanced recipe I also blended in Organic Rosemary, concentrating this recipe with antioxidant power. Rosemary is also helpful spiritually & mentally refreshes, useful to clear the mind of mental fatigue & to clarify our memory.

Daughter of the Moon’s “Floral Harvest” Aromatherapy Perfume

My ‘Floral Harvest’ Aromatherapy Perfume refreshes you from the inside out. Imagine yourself in a field of flowers, picking a few for a loved one’s bouquet in the misty morning. This recipe reminds me of my daughter, with her light patches of eczema, she is still stunningly beautiful form her eyes to her spirit & personality. This oil blend helps heal skin as well as supports the spirit. This perfume radiates happiness & light.

Essential oils effect our emotions physically through Energy & Vibration Healing & Aromatherapy reactions. Lavender uplifts the emotions & spirit, & energizes the chakras. Lavender is considered an antidepressant because of its ability to calm & soothe the mind. Lavender relieves fear, invokes acceptance, promotes patience, & has been clinically proven to reduce anger.

This recipe is also excellent for the balancing of women’s hormones, as Clary Sage reduces prostaglandin in the body through its diterpenol molecule & as a result reduces PMS stress, mental conditions, & physical cramps. 

I also blended in Aloe Vera, which helps heal the skin. Lavender, when applied to the skin, empowers the body, promoting new skin growth. 

Daughter of the Moon’s “Awakening” Aromatherapy Perfume

My ‘Awakening’ Aromatherapy Perfume is robust & refreshing. It has a strong fragrance of flowers & herbs that blend together to complete themselves like the way a deep breath brings an ‘a-ha’ feeling of peaceful awareness. I made this recipe particularly strong, letting the ingredients lead me to create a product that truly invigorates & awakens you to the ever-evolving world to help you seamlessly change with it.

Essential oils effect our emotions physically through Energy & Vibration Healing & Aromatherapy reactions. Lavender uplifts the emotions & spirit, & energies the chakras. Lavender relieves fear, invokes acceptance, promotes patience & has been clinically proven to reduce anger. 

Peru Balsam facilitates love & acceptance of our physical bodies & our sexuality. We experience feelings of warmth, tenderness, & sensitivity towards ourselves & others. Opening ourselves spiritually, we feel safe & present in our world.

Chamomile Roman facilitates calm. Rosemary helps clarify our memory & clear the mind of mental fatigue. 

This recipe is also excellent for skin protection & strengthening with Organic Rosemary’s strong antioxidants. Peru Balsam conditions & soothes rough cracked skin. Lavender, applied to the skin, empowers the body, promoting new skin growth.