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So it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged… my apologies… but it’s also been a long time since I’ve created something new with my soaps, maybe January? A lot of life got in the way of creativity… did I mention I’m a single mother with a four year old? Some days she can be a handful, other days, the outside world is the trouble & we are the only things that make sense & fun out of it…

But alas today’s post is about NEW creations. Today I made a foaming hand soap (for my daughter) ingredients: olive oil, castile soap, h20 a course, cedarwood essential oil, tea tree oil, orange essential oil, & clary sage essential oil.

But what to call it? It smells… earthy, LIGHT, kid-friendly, & clean (so you can smell their little hands to be sure they actually washed them instead of just running the water… my four year old is a tricky one.) So: blog-o-sphere I’m asking, what to call it? And should you think you can’t possibly guess without smelling it- well, order some- if on your order you pick a name & yours gets chosen I will refund your money directly to your account OR you can have a gift certificate to my etsy shop- customer’s choice.

Will post link to etsy & photos later- for now- tell me what you think!


Often times doing the right thing for ourselves is the same as doing the right thing for our environment, I think God made it that way. He knew we needed an Earth to live, & knew that we’d want to live. I’m a believer that my HP wants the best for me & that nature also is ruled by him, we are equal to it, not above it. The symbiotic relationship of nature & humanity runs deep. One of my favorite controversial books on the subject is The Secret in the Soil, check it out if you’re interested in the science of nature (it’s explained in pretty lay terms so don’t be intimidated, it’s meant to be enjoyable reading that also educates, or at least I find it as such). I hope you enjoy these pictures I’m re-blogging, they’re educational & also simply & poignantly beautiful.

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