Why do Natural Cosmetics Matter?

Being a business that sells diapers who then moves to sell perfumes may seem like A to Z, not ABC, but actually I got involved in natural cosmetics (& perfumes included) when I was pregnant, when Daughter of the Moon began.

The smells of the chemical fragrances made me nauseous & I learned that they were mostly manufactured fragrances made from caustic chemicals. So I avoided all perfumes & fragrances in everything from shampoo to candles to laundry detergent, etc.

I became an avid learner & began reading & collecting books on cosmetics written by doctors & researchers who documented distinct chemical compositions of cosmetics & case studies which talked about the dangers of the unregulated cosmetics industry & what they get away with putting in our cosmetics…products we use in the shower, where are pores are open & absorb these toxins at high concentrated levels, & those that we inhale, which enter & effect our entire body through our olfactory system (our sense of smell). I began learning more of the scientific side of the argument, & began to see that my own personal preference for natural smells was relative to my body’s desire to heal itself from the chemical world. 

Natural fragrances & essential oils in particular are like safe havens for our body to enjoy, for our spirit to dance & rejoice in. I then began to explore my passions in creating my own recipes for Aromatherapy-grade cosmetics, beginning with Perfumes & Colognes in fragrant, natural oil blends.